Joke PNG -


An API Key is required and is provide by RapidAPI

API response format:

All API endpoints follow their respective browser URLs, but we adjust the response formatting to be more suited for an API based on the provided HTTP header.

Accepted Accept headers:

  • application/json - JSON response (default response format)


GET /joke/:id/png

Fetching Joke a based of ID as JSON:

  "success": true,
  "body": {
      "_id": "5f80ccd641785ba7c7d27bc5",
      "type": "general",
      "setup": "How do you fix a damaged jack-o-lantern?",
      "punchline": "You use a pumpkin patch.",
      "likes": [],
      "author": {
          "name": "guyllk",
          "id": "60721d2bdc2ce6d0dfd18888"
      "date": 1618108661,
      "approved": true,
      "NSFW": false,
      "image": "...